Sports Recovery and FST

baseball catcher

Sports recovery is often an overlooked aspect of training. As the mom of three boys, I am no stranger to the grueling requirements of sports training and packed game schedules.

These days athletes start training younger than ever. The demands are no less. I get it, I’ve been there for many years! It is just what we do, right?

If we want our kids to have any chance at an athletic career, or at least to carry them through college, they almost have to go competitive at a young age. I’m not necessarily arguing that it’s a bad thing. But now that I have a son who just finished playing D1 baseball, I see the damage that has been done to his body. Looking back, I can blame a lot of it on lack of recovery.

Sports recovery is extremely important. The body needs down time to recover and rebuild. Ever take time off from the gym and feel terrible and guilty about it, but when you go back you work harder with no extra effort? It’s all about giving the body time to recover.

Fascial stretch therapy is a great treatment in almost any sports recovery protocol. In the off-season, more restorative FST sessions would be beneficial until season starts again. During season, FST can be used to prepare the nervous system for movement.

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