FST can benefit your sex life

FST great for sex life

This article on how FST is great for your sex life from the Huffington Post a few years back just goes to show how truly fascinating it can be to experience fascial stretch therapy. 🙂

It is so, so, so important to keep your fascia flexible through FST as an athlete to stay in optimal shape and as a person that just wants to move freely. FST is also really important for those that like to enjoy some time “between the sheets”.

You can read the article for the full version, but here is a short excerpt:

FST helps to decompress your pelvis and open your hips to help expand not only range of motion, but the sensing of pleasure as well. FST helps deliver expansion to your sacrum, (specifically the root chakra) which is connected to everything from your lower back, hips, pelvis — specifically the uterus, femoral head and its ligaments.


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