FREE 60-Minute Session for First Responders in October

October 28th is National First Responders Day and I’m so proud to say that Colorado made this official in September of 2017!

In honor of that, I am extending an offer of one FREE 60-minute session for all first responders for the month of October. If I get inundated with appointment requests, I will happily push appointments into November.

First Responders experience PTSD at a rate of 10x higher than civilians due to chronic stress and consistent exposure to traumatic events. I am grateful for those in their position and would like to do my part in giving back.

FST truly is about more than mobility and stretching, it is about healing the body, mind and spirit to eliminate pain and dysfunction. My goal is whole body healing. Emotion is very strongly tied into your fascia, which is on the fast-track in communication with the brain!!

If you are a First Responder or know someone who is, please please forward them my contact information. Any/all of my services can/will be included in that 60-minute session.

Additionally, I always offer a 20% discount to all first responders.

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