Flexbility: Let’s talk about why you need it

Why you need flexibility to be on top of your game

You need flexibility in your fascia to be in optimal form. How does FST help that? FST doesn’t just stretch muscle, it stretches fascia!

Quick lesson in fascia first… Fascia is the connective tissue that connects ALL of your insides (muscle, bone, nervous system, circulatory system…) together from the tips of your toes to your forehead. It also has 10x more nerve endings than muscle!!

When fascia is tight, or inflexible, the body is stressed and your muscles are likely also tight. Your life energy, your oxygen, and your blood are not flowing freely. And thus the perpetuating cycle of “stress”, fatigue, pain and even depression and anxiety lives on.

Our bodies are made to flow freely. We feel best when we are flexible (not tight). We perform best when we are flexible. Sleep is often improved when we are not in pain or fatigued.

Loosen it up!!

Giving yourself regular fascia love with FST via a trained Fascial Stretch Therapist can also increase your sports performance by helping to increase ROM, power and strength. When you’re tight, you are not performing at 100%. Period.

If you are a top athlete or an aspiring athlete, you put your body through extreme training day after day. With no recovery/release, the stress on your body can lead to toxic build-up, tightness and pain. When you are tight or in pain, you are not in optimal form because remember all of those nerve endings in your fascia???

They are communicating pain to your brain and your brain then goes into “protect mode” and thus you have reduced power and reduced strength.

Maybe you’re not an athlete, you still need flexibility to feel “good”. Tightness, stress, pain… does not feel good!

Regular FST treatments release pent up toxins and tightness caused by excessive training by releasing the fascia. Let me show your fascia some love!

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