What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™)?

FST™ is a pain-free stretch therapy that stretches fascia and not just muscle. Other methods of stretching focus on isolated muscles and are often uncomfortable.

The benefits of FST™ range from decreasing pain, increasing flexibility, mobility and range of motion, mobilizing joints, reducing symptoms of stress, improving sleep and even increasing the enjoyment of sex!

Okaaaaaayyyyy, but what is fascia and why do I want to stretch it?

Fascia is the connective tissue that connects all of your inner parts (bones, organs, muscles, nervous system, circulatory system, nervous system… all of it). It has been described as a net, or bag, holding all of your parts together, under the skin. It literally connects you from the bottom of your toes to the front of your forehead!

Because fascia connects muscles to tendons, ligaments and bone, it is considered far more beneficial to stretch fascia than muscle only. FST™ is a global treatment and takes all of the fascial nets into consideration when evaluating for specific treatment. 

Fascia is also THE MOST prevalent tissue in your body; it contains 10x more nerve endings than muscle and it is largely (2/3) made of water. Keeping yourself well hydrated takes on extra importance when you consider the impacts hydration has on fascia.

There are several layers of fascia and if they’re healthy, hydrated and unblocked, they should glide along each other easily sort of like rubbing your palms together.

Fascia reacts to pain and stress by tightening and when it tightens it restricts the flow of your life’s energy (qi), and the flow of fresh blood and oxygen.

Who can benefit from fascial stretch therapy?

As you can imagine, tightness and restriction are not optimal for anyone. If you’re an athlete, gym-goer, hiker, climber, desk sitter, Cross Fit’er, driver, snowboarder, netflix-binger… or really any human that wants to move unrestricted and pain free you can benefit from FST™.

FST™ is great for those that just feel tight, older than your actual age and can even help with depression, anxiety and sleep issues by releasing toxic build up. 

If you’re a high-level athlete or competitor and you train hard day after day after day and take little time for recovery your fascia is probably really unhappy with you.  It is probably locked tight and contains points of blockage. Energy is not flowing. Fresh blood and oxygen are not flowing. You’ve got toxins building. You’re in pain. You’re tight. You’re stressed. Your fascia is pissed.

Now you are unable to perform at optimal levels and your trainers/coaches are frustrated and put a plan in place for you to work even harder. Unless you’re taking time for recovery, you body is experiencing even more stress, more pain, increased chance of injury, sleepless nights and even depression/anxiety. This can potentially lead to dire results.

Happy fascia glides smoothly like as in the palm example. Pissed fascia is sticky and dry. Taking the palm example one step further, imagine pouring glue on your palms and rubbing them together. Over time they become really sticky and some little “balls of glue” have built up. Your palms no longer glide smoothly and now there are also blockages – those balls of glue. After a few minutes, the glue dries and now your palms ain’t goin’ nowhere. This is essentially what is happening in your body if you aren’t caring for yourself. 

Fascial stretch therapy can help!! It can be used as a prehab, recovery, relaxation, or just plain maintenance. Take care of yourself and love your fascia. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and visit me for an FST™ session.


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