Curious about cupping therapy?


What’s all the buzz about cupping?

It looks weird, right? I love, love, love cupping when I have specific areas that need a little loosening up, but it does leave some weird “cup kisses”. One day I was in Costco wearing a tank top after receiving cupping therapy when a man tapped me and said “you’re the second person I’ve seen today with those marks, what is that all about?”

Cupping creates a pull on the skin, rather than compression as in massage, which then lifts the skin and fascia creating room for fresh flow of life energy (qi), blood and oxygen which is necessary for healing. “Stuff” that gets blocked due to tightness or injury becomes toxic.

So, yeah, it looks weird.

The level of toxicity in the tissue actually shows up in the coloring of the cup kisses. Cup kisses can range from dark red to light pink to no mark at all.

As you progress and release toxicity, they will lighten.

In the photo above you can see cup kisses on my son. He is a former D1 baseball athlete so we have been working through some shoulder issues. At first I was focusing on the side where he was experiencing the pain, but over time, and in the vein of treating holistically, I broadened the area of treatment to include both sides.

Some of his cup kisses have a crescent moon shape and this is actually a perfect representation of that area already having been released!! The lighter area is where I treated with cups in the weeks before. Being newly treated, the dark kisses show how badly that area needed to be released!

Cupping therapy is great in conjunction with an FST session…. SO MUCH FASCIA LOVIN!!? I’m certified in cupping, let me show your fascia some much need love!

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