release toxic build up
with cupping therapy


What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy can be used for many things, I primarily use it for client sports recovery.

Like FST™, cupping also works in your fascia. Using suction, it lifts your skin away from your fascia to release built up toxins and allow fresh flow of energy, blood and oxygen.

Why would you want to use cupping therapy?

Muscle soreness, feeling older than your age, pain, scar tissue, swelling….

Your skin layer should glide over your fascia, and your fascia should glide over your muscle… each layer of your inner parts should move smoothly against the next layer. Kind of like rubbing your palms together.

When you’re tight from whatever reason (working out, being sedentary, scar tissue….) your fascia becomes “sticky” and now your layers don’t glide smoothly. (Put glue on your hands and now try to rub your palms together.) The layers stick and where they’re stuck, your life energy, blood flow, oxygen, and emotions (yep, emotions) get stuck too. This causes stagnation and toxicity builds. Not good. Not good at all for optimal performance.

Cupping lifts the skin from the fascia essentially “unsticking” the sticky parts allowing fresh blood and oxygen circulation back through the area. Cupping helps muscle recovery by allowing fresh flow which begins to restore that fascial glide we need to feel optimal.

Does it hurt?

It can be uncomfortable. The level of suction is controllable. My goal is to relieve your pain, not cause it. Cupping can leave funny marks! I call them CUP KISSES. The marks can vary in redness and in how long they stay.

The darker the red the more toxic the area. As you progress and release toxicity, they will lighten.

Cupping therapy is great in conjunction with an FST session…. SO MUCH FASCIA LOVIN!!💙

I am certified in cupping therapy, let me show your fascia some much need love!

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